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SEC3URE "How To" Learning
Introducing SEC3URE for HCIRs |  *MP4 Video | 4 minutes

This video provides Healthcare Industry Representatives (HCIRs) with a quick introduction and tour of the SEC3URE application for PCs and Tablet devices.

SEC3URE Profile Photos |  *MP4 Video | 2 minutes

In this video, we demonstrate how to update your SEC3URE profile photo as well as provide tips for choosing a professional image.

Change SEC3URE Password |  *MP4 Video | 2 minutes

In this video, we demonstrate how to change your password for logging into SEC3URE as well as provide some password best practices.

SEC3URE Facilities |  *MP4 Video | 2 minutes

In this video, we demonstrate how to add facilities you visit to your SEC3URE profile as well as provide tips for managing your facilities to improve your efficiency.

Key Tip: SEC3URE Accept Policies - By Facility |  *MP4 Video | 1 minute

This video demonstrates how you may quickly review and accept policies for a specific facility.

SEC3URE Credentials |  *MP4 Video | 4 minutes

In this video, we will demonstrate how to review facility credential requirements so you may gather the appropriate documents and then upload, submit and manage those documents in SEC3URE.

Key Tip: Upload and Submit Credentials into SEC3URE |  *MP4 Video | 3 minutes

This video quickly demonstrates how to upload and then submit credential documents into SEC3URE for verification.

SEC3URE Radiation Safety Program |  *MP4 Video | 3 minutes

Since vendor representatives and other occupational visitors serve multiple facilities, they are often overlooked in healthcare radiation safety programs. This inadvertent safety gap leaves facilities, vendor reps, and vendor companies at risk. The IntelliCentrics SEC3URE Radiation Safety Program closes this critical safety gap with training and automated dosimeter monitoring so you remain up-to-date and informed with quarterly occupational exposure levels. This video introduces facility administrators and healthcare industry reps to the SEC3URE Radiation Safety Program.

IntelliCentrics Drug & Titer Testing |  *HTML Videos

IntelliCentrics Drug & Titer Testing streamlines safety and compliance for both you and your healthcare facilities. All through your SEC3URE account, you purchase, order, and receive automated lab test results. This video series provides an overview of purchasing, ordering your lab tests, and accessing your detailed results.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the difference between Reptrax and SEC3URE?

Q: What is included in the base SEC3URE subscription?

Q: What are the advantages of subscribing to SEC3URE Passport?

Q: What do I do after I initially register in SEC3URE?


Q: How do I reset my password?

Q: How do I upload my picture?

Q: How do I change my phone number?

Q: How do I add facilities to my profile?

Q: How do I view the credentials or policies required by my facilities?

Q: What do the different tile and requirements colors mean?

Q: How do I submit credentials required by my facilities?

Q: Can I expedite or rush my credential verification services?

Q: Why won't a Policy quiz launch or run on my Apple iPad?

Q: How do I know when my subscription expires?

Q: How do I renew my subscription?

Q: How do I print a receipt?

Q: Why does it say my login expired and what should I do?

Q: Why is my access still "Revoked" when all my requirements are up to date?

Q: Does SEC3URE provide mobile SMS/Text messaging services?


Q: Is the information I provide protected?

Q: Who has access to view my information?

Q: What do I do when I change companies?

      IntelliCentrics Privacy Policy


Q: What is REPScore?

Q: How is REPScore Calculated?

Q: Can I dispute [-] Negative events?


Q: What are the differences between SEC3URE for PC & Tablet and the Companion Mobile App?

Q: Can I register or order additional services through the SEC3URE Companion Mobile App?


Q: What is a qualified medical provider?

Q: Who qualifies as healthcare personnel (HCP)?

Q: Is PPD the same as TB and how often do I need to be tested for TB?

Q: Is Rubeola the same as Measles and how do I show that I am immune?

Q: Is Chicken Pox the same as Varicella and how do I show that I am immune?

Q: What are the requirements for meeting Tetanus/Tdap vaccinations?

Q: Can my childhood pertussis vaccination and my current Tetanus vaccination be combined to meet Tdap requirements?

Q: Why is DTaP or Td not accepted for the Tdap credential requirement?

Q: How are flu exemptions and declinations handled by hospitals? If I signed the declination why is my facility still requesting the credential?

Q: I have an old medical record. Can you accept those? If so, what does it need in order to be accepted?

      CDC: Recommended Vaccines for Healthcare Workers

MinuteClinicTM IntelliCentrics and MinuteClinicTM have teamed up to offer quality immunizations and convenience for healthcare occupational visitors, vendors, friends and family. The same high-quality immunization choices typically reserved for healthcare industry representatives are available for ALL IntelliCentrics community members; including their friends and family members!

Q: What are the MinuteClinic Immunization Services through SEC3URE?

Q: What are the available MinuteClinic Immunizations to fulfill the credential requirements?

Q: How long do I have to receive my immunization?

Q: Do you have any additional questions?


Q: What is IntelliCentrics Drug & Titer Testing?

Q: What are the available tests to fulfill the credential requirements?

Q: Where are the lab testing services available?

Q: How long do I have to take my drug test or titer test?

Q: Do you have any additional questions?


Q: Where can I get the required training that facilities ask for?

Q: Is Aseptic Technique training part of Operating Room (OR) Protocol training?

Q: What is evidence of Employer Product/Service Competency?

Q: Where can I get more information about the Training Courses?


Q: Why am I being asked to be monitored for work-related ionizing radiation?

Q: How do I use my SEC3URE whole-body dosimeter?

Q: Where do I send my SEC3URE dosimeters at the end of the quarter?

Q: What do I do if I lose my dosimeter?

Q: Do you have any additional questions?


Q: Who determines what is required?

Q: What is the Popup message telling me when I log into SEC3URE?

Q: Do I have to pay as more facilities join?

Q: When I call IntelliCentrics, how do I make my customer service experience fast and productive?

Q: Why are permanent badges not provided?

Q: What are the minimum browser requirements to use SEC3URE?

Q: What is the IntelliCentrics refund policy?

Q: What is the $1 pre-authorization from IntelliCentrics I see posted on my credit/debit card statement?

Q: Where may I re-read IntelliCentrics Terms of Use?


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